Weeknote 41 (2023)

A laptop and a coffee mug on a wooden table

⚾️ MLB Playoffs

I have been enjoying watching the Major League Baseball Playoffs highlights. Such a different atmosphere at all levels, the players, the crowd the play-by-play calls from the broadcast…

My team, the Boston Red Sox, had a horrible season but regardless I’m here for good baseball.

📸 Processing photos takes so much time

I started publishing posts about my trip to the USA on my travel blog (it’s in Spanish but you can enjoy the photos all the same). For now, no outstanding pictures as it was the first day, and my fingers were not warmed up to start taking shots 🤭

Years ago I read somewhere that some of the big film photographers had assistants who would process the pictures. I guess it’s also true nowadays, some photographers who take the shots and just send them off to a team that knows their style and will process them accordingly. I wish I could do that 😂 I think it would be hard to be aligned on the desired result but once that was overcome can you imagine just shooting, selecting, and sending for post-processing?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dread post-processing (I do it with Adobe Lightroom) but it’s very time-consuming. If anything, what I enjoy is taking the shots.

🌴 This week had 2 Fridays

We had a bank holiday on Thursday… so to me Wednesday felt like a Friday. Then, since I did not want to take any vacation days, I’m working again on the real Friday.

That Friday feeling twice a week? Don’t mind if I do!

Enjoy the weekend



  1. Helena says:

    Same. Have a nice weekend

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