Weeknote 44 (2020)

A sign that says closed hangs on a glass door

😔 Kicked in the nuts, again.

The Catalan government has imposed new restrictions as of today.

Amongst others, they’ve closed off all the sports facilities because they don’t deem them to be a “first necessity”. Thus, our school had to close its doors for at least the next fifteen days.

We’re powerless. Powerless against politicians that even if you could argue they were caught unprepared haven’t been able to handle the issue. Some countries have succeeded in the fight, couldn’t we learn from them? How hard can it be? I’m convinced if we have plenty of bright minds in the country that could pull us out of this mess. Yet… here we are. Neck deep in horse shit trying to stay afloat.

I’ll be doing online classes, I want my students to continue their education and to stay in the best shape they can (mentally and physically). Especially now that they’re glued to chairs and computers all day. They need this, I need this.

In times like these, I like to remember what Bruce Lee once said:

Be water, my friend

We have to adapt to these new restrictions and make do, there’s no way around it. No sitting around sulking.

We’ll get through this.



  1. Helena says:

    You’re right. These politicians are incompetent

    1. I don’t see this ending anytime soon. Hopefully a vaccine will get us out.

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