Weeknote 45 (2023)

Even if the image above shows a fantastic burger, fries and great cocktails… Ramen season has begun, my friends 🍜 This week I was fortunate enough to have two of these swirly soups (here and here).

Barcelona’s temperature has moved from wearing T-shirts and shorts to thick jackets. Gotta love having only 2 seasons a year, hot or cold 🥶

📺 TV

  • I have been enjoying different shows, from starting Futurama (I’ve read there’s a new season and I’m ashamed that I only watched some episodes here and there, I’d like to watch the whole thing) 👽
  • If you’re into Anime, I recently watched Horimiya a short series which warms the heart with some good romance and comedy 😁 🇯🇵
  • Finally, if you’re into American series (military and whatnot) Special Ops: Lioness I found to be very well produced (I’ve watched 3 episodes) 🇺🇸

🎮 Gaming

  • I am ashamed to say that I have finally “completed” Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. By “completed” I refer to the main storyline. I have been putting it off and the other day I decided it was time 😂 I did like the ending and I had a vague hope they would have changed how these games end. Turns out it’s the same as the previous game, once you finish it you have to go back to your previous saved file. So you can keep playing but will look as not completed.
  • I want to get the latest Animal Crossing installment New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch but it seems Amazon Spain is not selling physical copies 🤔
    I’m in a perpetual state of amusement seeing how digital copies are equally or more expensive than physical cards for these games from Nintendo. I just can’t and will never understand 😂 So I’m searching for a physical copy, although I might probably wait for Black Friday. See what happens 💰

🎅 Christmas?!

Last but not least I just wanted to shame the supermarket chains in Barcelona who have already put up all the Christmas products (chocolates, and sweats) for us to buy. Two months in advance. It’s not an imagination that they start earlier every year. I assume they can sell them, otherwise, why take the space to put these up? It’s a very strange world. I need to stay off these deadly sweets at least until mid-December. Please send help 🥲



  1. Helena says:

    Torrons are coming 🤣

    1. No, please. Not yet! 😂

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