Weeknote 46 (2021)

6 weeks since my last update? Sorry about that. I have been neglecting my blogs for a while. I’m reading stuff, not so much creating or writing.

First gig after lockdown 🎸

This week I had my first gig after lockdown, and the whole pandemic. We had lots of fun, the sound was great, and even though we made mistakes the crowd liked what they saw.

Look at this! 👇

Haku, my cat, is enjoying the warmth of the blanket during the fall. We’ve had some weeks with rain and he’s doing long naps. Which are great because they give me a break from his mischiefs. Ok, what am I saying, this cat is super well-mannered. Please don’t change 🙏

Diablo 2 going strong 🎮

I am continuing to play this game. I’m very proud that I’ve been able to reach the end game content 20 years ago couldn’t. I’m having fun left and right. With all the gamers streaming (which I don’t watch live, but their short well-edited YouTube versions at 2x speed) the knowledge is way more accessible. Thus, my game know-how has expanded tremendously allowing me to get more out of it. To enjoy it more.

Classes, pizza, and burgers 🍔

In case you’re wondering my Haidong Gumdo classes are still going strong. Having fun teaching my students the way of the sword.

I have also been enjoying some burger exploration lately. It’s a dangerous game to try new stuff without a proper recommendation. So oftentimes I might fall back to my well-known stablishments. This week we had this beauty. For me, at this moment, the best burger in town.


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