Weeknote 48 (2023)

What used to be a weekend of massive discounts has become a regular Friday ☹️

I don’t know if you found any amazing deals during Black Friday and Cyber Monday but at least what I’ve looked for was not discounted. Except for the Google Earbuds, I told you last week.

In Spain, the online stores for electronics, clothing, and so on gave us a week of supposedly Black Friday deals. But not really. I found myself searching for a guitar effects pedal and was disappointed to see it -5% off. Did not purchase it ❌

Then, my year-to-date addiction to collect some manga series 💰 I think I’ve told you this in the past but in Spain, book prices are regulated nationwide 😕 Discounts can not be made besides the standard -5% everybody does all year and the extra -5% on April 2023 every year 🌹📖
Miraculously, though 😮 Since I changed gas and electricity providers at home, I’ve been able to reimburse 20% of my book purchases (until January) I don’t know how they do it, but it’s real. Needless to say, I’ve spent now what I would’ve spent in 6 months if I didn’t have the -20%, so I have enough make to last me for a while… I had to do it, it was 20% you guys… 🤑

Plans for the weekend? Read some manga, of course 😁



  1. Helena says:

    I bought clothes at a good discount 😅

    1. Lucky! I guess there were a few decent discounts 😁

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