Weeknote 51 (2020)

A bucket of paint

I have been busy. Busy and with my mind somewhere else. Where? My new apartment 🏡

I know… here I am again ranting about it. Only those who have undergone renovations can understand the pain of working with the contractors, the pain of having to repeat yourself over and over so they do what you ask them to 😡

The beginnings are always easy. Destroying walls, bathrooms and kitchens is the easy part. Now, the details, the finishes, that seems to be the Everest of renovations. How can it be so hard? 😭

I only ask of them to think, would you leave something like this in your home? Probably not. Then don’t do it in mine. I have countless examples I won’t bore you with. Long story short, we’re almost done. We’re at the point where I’m already moving in and they’ll come next week to finish the last bits.

It has been almost 4 months. Honestly, I was growing very tired of this. You would think paying your hard-earned money wasn’t enough of a price, but you have to be the bad cop and keep on asking them to do their job properly.

Anyway, that’s done. Starting a new chapter now, happy that I finally see the light at the end of this dark tunnel 😌

🎄 Holiday season, two weeks off

A week before going on a long vacation is always weird. You either have to plan to hand over your work to someone else. Or simply try not to leave anything unfinished.

On the other hand, people chase you before you go, as some of them work the following weeks and won’t have you to help out.

I hope you can take some days off this holiday season to recharge your batteries, eat properly, and, if you can, stay with your loved ones. Be careful and conscious about the pandemic and try not to mingle with those outside your bubble. Even if you’re used to it. This year is different and we have to make do. Otherwise, we’ll pay the consequences in January for more lockdowns and more bankrupted businesses.

Signing off for now, talk to you later 👋




  1. Helena says:

    Contractors are, most, the devil 🤪

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