Weeknote 8 (2022)

This week started horribly wrong. On what seemed a perfectly good Saturday I was home, after having a nice pizza recuperating from the morning class at school. As I approached my cat my back broke. Ok, it didn’t break but got a case of lumbago 😵

I haven’t had that for years, as far as I recall. You know, this acute lower back pain when you put any weight on it or try to move those muscles. The funny thing is you’re not conscious of how much the lower back muscles are involved in most of the regular movements you do. Sitting down, talking, picking something up, even sleeping.

It was horrible 🤕 I prescribed myself a legal anti-inflammatory drug and spent most of my Saturday evening and Sunday in my chair, trying not to move. Not ideal. Not great 😓 The worst part is that I don’t think I did anything that could’ve triggered this. Like intense back or abs training. Nothing special or strange during class. Bad luck?

Delightful way to start the week… 🤦‍♂️

Thursday update 🤕

So I’m still sore in my lower back. I can move quite freely now but still, I do feel it in certain movements. I have been taking drugs and good care of myself.

Raspberries 👨‍💻

A friend from work has given me 2 old Raspberry Pie to play with. I already got one a few months back and it’s doing its job, running not stop blocking adds and tracking.

These two are old models (1 and 2) but I figured it should be enough to run Pi-Hole on them. I’m waiting for Amazon to deliver the power adapter so can I start playing with them 🤓

Repairing my guitar amp

Back in November, yes you read that right, I left my old (which looks like new) guitar amp at the shop. It’s a Marshall 100W head that was neatly stored in its flight case. It was years since I last played it. It’s so big and so loud, playing with it at home is not very convenient. With now my own place and the dedicated music room I have, it was time to plug the old beast 🦁

As I did crackling noise and loud buzz started playing. Not good. I have 0 knowledge on how to diagnose let alone repair these machines. These have high power electricity and I don’t dare put my hands in there without knowing what I’m doing 💀

So yeah I brought it to the shop, it’s a 2 man job, it’s really heavy. And it took almost 3 months to get it repaired. The reason? Excuses as usual. First, they tell you it’s COVID and they don’t have the personal. But I’m like, we’ve had COVID for 2 years already, drop the excuse.
Then, once they gave me the quote for the repair it took another month to have the parts delivered and installed. A valve had burnt. How? I have no idea since I hadn’t played the amp for so long 🤷‍♂️

In any case, the amp is back and it’s ready to rock 😈


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