Weeknote 19 (2020)

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Since the lockdown has somewhat been lifted in Spain and we can start going out (for sports or walking) 1 hour a day, I would stop with my Isolation posts series. We are still a long way before we can go out at any time just for the sake of it and not for going to the supermarket or the bank. Small shops and services are starting to open up. It is expected even more services will start accepting customers on Monday 11th. Unfortunately the big cities like Barcelona are not meeting the requirements to enter the next phase (number of deaths, infections and such). Which is super sad.

🏦 I hate banks

I truly hate banks. They are outdated companies that seem to find enjoyment in squeezing us dry. As I moved my few remaining euros out of my old bank to the new one, the one that has my mortgage, I was left to battle with the old bank a little bit longer.

Is it so far fetched to want a free bank account in 2020? The big old banks seem to not like the idea. Even if there are plenty of online banking that actually offer you free accounts.

I had to do tiresome email conversations with my bank agent asking him if there was any chance he could set my account to have 0 maintenance cost. I had asked him to cancel any service on it and I only wanted to keep my small pension plan. Initially, he was reluctant, he pointed out I had to move my monthly payslip there (which I had taken out and moved to the bank who has my mortgage).

Well, it turns out you just have to battle it out. You have to stand your ground and tell them you’ll leave, be prepared to tell them you want to cancel the account and move the little you have somewhere else. Only then, when I had made my mind, the dude said he would escalate the issue since I was an important customer. Marketing 101 and it sounds very familiar. Oh yeah, the Internet Service Providers do the same thing.

I had to do 2 visits, in person, to the bank (while in lockdown, wearing a mask, gloves, and the whole security charade). After the two visits, I was able to twist his arm into setting my account to free. Small victory but it wasn’t easy.

For this and, other reasons, I hate banks. Don’t you?

🛠 Renovations? Has the time come?! 🥺

Today I have an appointment with a company that does house renovations. They should come to my new place, take measurements, listen to my extensive wish-list, and crunch some numbers.

I want to fix many things before I can actually move in. I don’t know, it feels like you always have a clear picture of what you want when doing these things but in the end, it looks nothing like it. Homer Simpson style:

Have you had to do a big house renovation? Do you have any advice?

Have a great weekend!



  1. Helena says:

    Banks are the devil 😡.
    Advice: watch the works and say a prayer😅😅

    1. Will do (minus de prayer) 😁

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