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Based in Barcelona. Writing code for living.

On my free time I teach Haidong Gumdo (korean martial art of the sword), shoot street photography, travel and play rock ‘n roll on my guitar.

Fountain pen aficionado, fan of the Boston Red Sox, and privacy advocate.

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Work from home: good or bad?

I was reading Om Malik’s Real reasons why tech giants are hugging “Remote Work”, it has some fantastic points. Those fancy offices, catered lunches, and all the other luxuries that allow people to pretend that they are still in college and getting paid for it — that all costs money. No doubt. The offices I…

Weeknote 20 (2020)

🏃‍♂️💨 This week has come and gone very fast. So fast I forgot to write my weeknotes until Friday. For your information, Barcelona’s situation hasn’t changed much in a week. Still in lockdown without an end near ☹️ 🎮 Pokemon for Game Boy Advance This week I was playing Pokemon Emerald in a Game Boy…

Weeknote 19 (2020)

Since the lockdown has somewhat been lifted in Spain and we can start going out (for sports or walking) 1 hour a day, I would stop with my Isolation posts series. We are still a long way before we can go out at any time just for the sake of it and not for going to…

Moving companies in Japan

I thought that after 2, three-week trips to the land of the rising sun not many things would surprise me from them. It’s not a perfect country, none is. Some of the things I truly love about them is the customer attention, customer care, and the overall social consciousness. From being quiet and respectful on…

Isolation, day 49

🔓 Unlocking the lockdown When the government gave the green light last Sunday to have a parent (1 not 2) have a 60 minutes walk with up to 3 children the streets of Barcelona were flooded with families breaking the guidelines. Entire families, not wearing masks and people sitting on the sun under the minimum…

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