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Based in Barcelona. Writing code for living.

On my free time I teach Haidong Gumdo (korean martial art of the sword), shoot street photography, travel and play rock ‘n roll on my guitar.

Fountain pen aficionado, fan of the Boston Red Sox, and privacy advocate.

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  • Weeknote 40 (2020)
    It has been nine weeks since the last update. So much for “weeknotes”, right? I haven’t been blogging much, not here nor in my travel …
  • Is blogging dead?
    I was reading this blog post the other day: Blogging is dead. Long live ephemerality. A crude slap to the face with reality to those …
  • Weeknote 31 (2020)
    πŸ– Vacations, here we go. Finally. After having to cancel my South Korean plans back in April (of which I’m still emotionally recovering) today, end …
  • Weeknote 29 (2020)
    I wish I didn’t have to rant but you know how most people are… a bunch of ***holes 😑 Some are so dense they’re only …

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