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Based in Barcelona. Writing code for living.

On my free time I teach Haidong Gumdo (korean martial art of the sword), shoot street photography, travel and play rock ‘n roll on my guitar.

Fountain pen aficionado, fan of the Boston Red Sox, and privacy advocate.

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Weeknote 4 (2020)

🥪 Sandwich extravaganza The week started with an awesome sandwich. A little expensive (9,2€) but on its defense, I’ll say it was big with layers of pork, pepper and ham, with a side of fries (including an out of this world brava sauce) and sparkling water. We were hit with a terrible storm at the…

Weeknote 3 (2020)

✍️ No time, no paper I’ve been keeping myself busy, I have been neglecting the Weeknotes since last September. I haven’t found the time to write, on paper that it. You know how I wanted to keep writing on paper first. Not this time. But I’ll come back to it eventually. This week went by…

Haikyū!! One of the best anime is back

I watch anime. I like anime. Not all anime though. I usually watch shōnen because… well, I want to believe I’m still 18. Forever young 😁 Shōnen, shonen, or shounen manga (少年漫画, shōnen manga) is manga aimed at a young teen male target-demographic. The age group varies with individual readers and different magazines, but it…

Review: Parasite

I wasn’t fully convinced after watching the trailer. It does not make the movie justice. However, I gave it a try after seeing the movie had been highlighted in festivals and took the 2020 Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture – Foreign Language. Yeah, we all know we can’t take these awards (or the Oscars)…

Review: Artemis

[This is a spoiler-free review] I had enjoyed a lot the first from Andy Weir (The Martian), I gave it a 5 out of 5. Naturally when I saw he had written another space book (not related to The Martian) I had to investigate. The book is a “Goodreads choice 2017 winner” if that counts…

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